The Woman

Born Tuesday Tate in Chicago, Illinois, and reared in Benton Harbor, Michigan. She is the youngest of six siblings. Her father named her Tuesday because he simply felt there should be one...Not knowing that her very birth and birthdate (May 5) defined her life victories.  How? Because several years ago, she discovered that not only does Tuesday means "Grace", so does the Biblical meaning of the number 5 and double 5's equal mercy and wholeness.  What a revelatory and humbling moment it was to discover that her name reflected the goodness and mercy of God for and over her life.  In a real sense, from the moment of her conception, HIs grace and mercy have always been with her and for her. Her personal mission synergizes her passions (ministry, public speaking, writing, relationship coaching, and training) of purpose.  Though you can't tell it now, she was a bit of a tomboy as a youngster; boxing, racing, and playing football with her brothers.  Still able to have a 'throwback" day, today, however, she will be most often found in her quintessential "girly girl" look.  So much so, she was named by one of her close friend-girls as "the she-she bomb."

Tuesday is all about family, her mom, nieces, nephews, and great-nieces are all called her "babies".  She desires to always be a positive influence in their lives.  From the time the first niece was born, she sought to be the best auntie ever.  And if you ask them on a good day (smile), they will say she fulfills her role very well.  Her greatest joy is being in the midst of her family, dear friends, and her future love. Although her Father is deceased, her Mother is the caring, kind-hearted, loving, nurturing, affirming constant in her life; her first and true "bestie.".  She is often heard saying, "I have the best Mommy in the world."  Checkout 50 Questions Asked and Answered by Dr. Tuesday.