Is this the America you want?

I don't know when, if ever have we seen riots, fights breakout at a political campaign rally, and certainly not at Presidential Candidate’s Rally. But what else should we expect when such anger, hate, mean spiritedness, disdain is attached to and increasingly follows this candidate?

What's happening in America?

People are fighting among themselves, brawling. A couple of weeks ago a young women SILENTLY protesting, standing with her sign was pushed and shoved out and forcefully removed. Just last week a man is bloodied after being sucker punched with an elbow as he was agreeably leaving. These types of things did not happen in either campaign when the current President, an African American, ran and was reelected. People may not and do not like him but such vulgar hateful demonstrations did not occur. Non-Obama supporters have shown their disapproval and some disrespectfully but people fighting among themselves, brawling, pushing, shoving, bloody interactions, etc. was not apart of this then or any other Republican or Democratic rally.

The man Trump, I do no know to like or dislike. However, what I am seeing and reading I ABSOLUTELY do not like. Is this the type of man you want to lead this country? Your children? What he is encouraging does not say, "America is a strong country.", it says, “America is a violent, racist, bullying, hateful country where freedom only exists for those who are on the side of the one who is leading or in this case at the mic.” The very oath the President takes and the Bible he swears upon is in direct conflict with the behavior Trump has shown and advocates. Checkout this artilce from two young men who went to a Trump rally.

When addressing the violence at his rallies, Trumo said, “...Part of the problem and reason it takes so long (to remove protestors) is because they (security or citizens) are being politically correct in the way they take them out, so it takes a little longer. There are no consequences (he had said earlier, in the past they would be taken out in stretchers). Our country has to toughen up. These people (people who do not agree with him) are bringing us (the Country) down. They contribute nothing. Nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” Trump goes on to talk about protestors giving supporters “the bad finger” when they are being taken or pushed out and that drives (makes) them (supporters) to get angry and they react “a little inappropriately...” Really Trump? People #wakeup! BUT he still has not addressed his supporters putting their hands on people, pushing, hitting, elbowing, spitting, bloodying, etc. But why would he? It is what he is encouraging. I implore you to click on the link below to view the sequence of his statements that incited, promoted, and encouraged violence and hate over the last few weeks, days, and even hours before the Chicago rally was cancelled.

A MUST WATCH: "Rachel Maddow TEARS Down Trump's Race Wars -- This Is By Design"

In the beginning of Trump's campaign, statements like these were against those outside of the US; those he saw as enemies. Now, he has turned this focus within...citizen against citizen. Now, wouldn’t you think if you don't like how your followers are making you look you would, (he would - should) renounce them and their actions? But he has not and will not. And if he does, it will be only for the Christian and peaceful religious vote. So, are we to conclude that he is ok with this behavior? Trumpe condones and agrees with it? What else are you going to surmise? YES! #wakeuppeople Whatever you put in the atmosphere is what will come back. You do not have to assume or draw a conclusion. Just view the videos within this editorial.

Out of the heart the mouth speaks. See his heart people. God knows the heart and will and is exposing it. A person is known by (all) his fruit. What we have seen and witnessed is his fruit - his heart; arrogance, anger, hatred, distain, disrespect, mean-spiritedness, callous, and the list goes on. If you promote hate, disdain, disrespect, and separation that spirit (behavior, attitude) will find you, attach its self and be your banner, flag raiser and rear guard. It will lead and fight your battles for you. Whatever you put out there is what comes back. It is both a spiritual and natural law. This behavior has become his representative. So why does he not seem to care, because it is (apart of) who he is? Prejudice? Maybe not. A hint of a racist? Maybe so. A classist or an elitist? ASOLUTELY! This is what he has communicated and fostered.

America: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Brown, Republican, Democrat, Independent or otherwise, is this what America has come to or returned to? Is this the America you want? Do you want to go backgrounds? Do you see the divisiveness of what he is doing, saying, encouraging? Those who do not agree with what he is doing, saying, encouraging, the questions must be asked, “What are you going to do?” Is this the type of man you want to run your Country? Someone who promotes and encourages hate and separation - again? Whether purposely or ignorantly, he is inciting (hatred, separation) a war. Whether race, class or another, nothing about what he is communicating is about coming together and working together to make this Nation – this Country great again! Though he continues to say that, his words and behaviors are taking this country backwards. The leader of the free world promoting hate, bigotry and (for no reason) physical violence against those who do not agree with him. And let’s be clear, he has YET to lay out his plan for a better, greater America!

Ok, I hear you, "he is not making them (his followers, supporters, etc.) do these things...” BUT he has not denounced it or spoken against it either. He has not once told his followers and supporters to stop. On the contrary, he has encouraged it and said he would pay their legal fees. This candidate reminds me of the kid who throws the rock and hides his hand (is also called a crook), antagonizing and instigating the fight and once it starts he walks or runs away, hides, makes excuses saying as he did with these "...these - those people." So he or the city officials cancelled the rally in Chicago for fear of violence (which happened anyway) and he says NOTHING against the behavior of his followers (those rioting). Come on America, wakeup!

As we know 100 influential and many national evangelical pastors and preachers attended a “prayer” meeting in October 2015. A few of them (wonder who they were) stated, “...implored Trump to tone down some (really some, not all) of his harsh rhetoric.” Rhetoric, ok. Harsh? An interesting word choice. More accurate words would have been “hate speeches”. And let’s be clear, he has not done that. As a matter of fact, it has increased. This meeting was attended by Paula White (his dear friend who setup the meeting) and included other national evangelical pastors such as Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jentezen Franklin, David Jeremiah, Jan Crouch, Steve Munsey, Rabbi Kirt Schneider, Bishop George Bloomer, Bishop Darrell Scott and Clarence McClendon. Pastor Robert Jeffress attended and was quoted as saying, “I am not officially endorsing any candidate but I was happy to pray at Mr. Trump’s events on Saturday and in Iowa and also to introduce him. And frankly, I would not have done that if I did not believe that Mr. Trump could be a very effective President of the United States.” Very effective...REALLY Jeffress? What are his policies, his positions, his solutions? What he has shown himself effective at doing is invoking and stirring up hate and violence amongst the citizen of the US; the very country he wants to run! So, what do I have to say as a Believer in, follower of and Minister of Jesus Christ to the 100 ministers/pastors who met with Trump, DON’T be DECEIVED and God WILL NOT be MOCKED! Read more at:

As of March 6, 2016, Paula White came out at a rally in Orlando and publically endorsed him. Please tell me, what has she and others missed? No, what they have chosen to do is have selective hearing, white washing his words with words like, “he is very direct, a bit harsh, but...”. So. Paula White says in her non-preaching soft indearing voice, how his mother was a Christian and so he grew up in a strong, good household; How he loves God and is a good and caring man. She sites how he stopped and said to a “little latino man” who was working at Trumps newest golf course that he took her to see, “Thank you for taking care of my course." Really Paula White? I wonder how much he pays, the "little latino man who cares for his course." Watch "Pastor Paula White talking about Donald Trump's faith and morals."

Ok, so he loves God. But when he was asked directly about the specifics of his faith, Trump told reporters he's "not sure" if he's ever asked forgiveness for his sins, but said he does love God. REALLY? He also said his favorite book is the Bible, but refused to share his favorite verse. How about “Above all else do your best to keep the peace...", "Love your neighbor as yourself." or "Woe to them that cause others to stumble...”?

Hitler, slave traders and owners, Ku Klux Klan, skin-heads, satan and others racists, socialist, etc. said they loved God too and murdered 100’s of thousands of Jews, millions of Africans and African Americans; invoked and incited hate crimes against those they did not and do not like and they did it all in name of God. Yes, I said it. Satan loved God (and may still love Him) and used and stilll uses God’s Word and his people to manipulate and to get what he wants...people on his side.

I have a question, “What would Jesus do?” Would Jesus endorse him? Use him maybe, but endorse? To put His stamp of approval on? To designate Himself as payee of or to? (No, because HE did that already for all of us. HE was and is the full payment for our sins. Propitiation). Would HE say Trump was a good man? (No, because HE said call no man good but Him.) The way Trump incites hate and violence, I doubt it. Does he do good things? Sure but, does that make him (a) good (man)? Paula White and Joel Osteen both said he was a good man. Joel Osteen has not (publically) endorsed him (yet). He also said, he was the most giving man he knew, because he gives generously to your ministry. REALLY Joel Osteen? I like Joel Osteen, but really. This IS NOT about Hillary or me trying to tell people who to endorse (put their money behind) or who to vote for, but to charge us to think! To wake up. Be aware of what is being presented to you and not falling for the okey-doke. If it were possible the very elect can and will be deceived. Most of America "slept on him", didn't take him seriously and this is what passive awareness, acceptance, and tolerance of foolishness and rhetoric has exposed and gotten us. I've heard it said or maybe God just downloaded it to me, "The true spirit, heart, nature, character of a man (person) is made known by the people who follow, support, promote and or praise him privately and more so publicly." Well, birds of a feather STILL flock together! The real test comes when it is time to take flight!

I charge and encourage each of us; whether Democrat or Republican, whatever your background or race to consider the behavior of the man. Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” This behavior should not be acceptable to any human being and certainly not Christians. I charge you stand up. If you don’t agree, Evangelical Pastors (who have not publically or privately endorsed), speak up! People...tweet, email, blow up these national pastor's (Facebook and internet) pages. If you are a member of their church, communicate it. Money (your tithe and offering) still talks. Trump's (money) certainly is. And what it is saying is not good! If any pastor endorses him, keep it to yourself. Don’t draw your sheep in to your personal choice. If we do not speak up now, what we have seen will become the state of this union - a return to old (as he so frequently refers) and worse. I IMPLORE you, wake up and listen. Leader, don’t "drink the kool-aid" in private and pray not in public? Don’t follow a leader based on their personal convictions and relationships, but based solely on the Truth - The Word of God which is Jesus Christ. Follow them in their humanity as they follow Christ.

So, I ask you again, would Jesus be promoting this? Is this the America you want and the type of leader you desire?

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