As I found myself consoling, caring about, and check on the soul state of a number of my sister-friends who were grieving the transition of a loved one, this book The Mournings After (TMA) | From Grief to Glory and its’ purpose was downloaded to me. Birthing and producing the Book was a challenge. As I considered why, I initially placed the hurdles in the “life happens basket”. However, as I meditated on this, I realized this Book – the Project itself was the hurdle. As the Authors revisited the grief of their loss, many also faced family tragedy and death in the midst of writing their story. As the intent of this Book was to bring healing to all who read it; many of them found themselves having to peel and push pass layers of past and now a present pain to tell their story. This Project in this season became another part of their personal healing process and drew them closer to or placed them fully in their stride to walk in their healing and the glory of God.


Often found pulling back the word "loss" from my discourse when speaking of the death of a believer, I am charged to remind the reader of this Book that according to 1stThessalonians 4 those who live and die in Christ as a Believer; meaning they confessed a faith and hope in the life, death (sacrifice), burial, and resurrection of Jesus will rise again and live in Heaven for eternity. They are not lost. We who are Believers, when we transition will see and be with our loved one(s) again. Death, loss, and the transition of life are common denominators for all humanity. Transition means to pass from one state to another, stage, place to another, to move forward, to go up, develop, change, evolve in mindset, style, way, an abrupt change in energy, place or level. Though transition in death brings a physical and emotional loss to the living, gain always follows and awaits the Believer in Jesus Christ. We will certainly experience grief but our mourning does not have to remain or manifest in negative ways or despair.


Though we cannot ever really "prepare" for a loved ones death, we may find ourselves trying; particularly when a diagnosis comes that numbers their days. Yet, even then it is not something we can or desire to formulate or consider …’what life will feel - look or be like without them; the mornings after’. Forced to encounter and experience loss and transition, individuals will grieve and mourn differently; some in healthy and others in unhealthy ways. Though we often use these words interchangeably, they are different. Griefis the loss, loneliness, emptiness, and despair. Mourningis the action and behavior that is produced from those feelings and emotions. As stated, everyone will grieve and mourn differently, but what can manifest in a negative way is an outward display of those emotions in their behaviors. Such as depression, seclusion, outbursts of anger, over or elaborate spending, irresponsibility (not paying bills), over or not eating, drinking, clubbing, sexing, excessive control or neediness, over working, withdrawing, using drugs, etc. When grief is left untreated or not dealt with negative mourning can happen. Not of their own will, a few of the Authors found themselves thrown into not so positive behavioral patterns due to their own state of mind and pain of heart. This Book Collaboration brings these brave Authors together to share their powerful life changing stories of the death of a loved one, self, a dream, forgiving after they’re gone, and more andwill uncover these grieving and mourning differences (healthy and unhealthy).


My hope and belief is that this work will serve as an instrument of healing, hope, and support to all who read it and s