I Tasted My Tears Today was conceived at a time in my life where I had to taste my own tears because of my own decisions. It was a season where God allowed me to face many challenges, trials, and losses. It was in tasting my tears I discovered a concealed disappointment hidden deep in my heart. I was enlightened to the truth that my disappointment was with God. Had I not tasted the intense saltiness of my tears in that season, I would have missed my door of my healing. I discovered these tears held unhealed and unresolved hurt, pain, disappointment, fear, and all the many questions of why…Had I not faced this truth; disappointment would have continued to sit silently in hopes of transitioning its’ self to anger to bitterness. The ultimate motive was to move me from disappointment to hopelessness and away from God.   

Dr. Tuesday again enters the literary world with this phenomenal work and has invited others to join her. This riveting compilation of thirteen independent authors tells their journey from pain to victory.  It is at the conclusion of each author’s story that you get a glimpse into Dr. Tuesday’s narrative related to the same topic. Her personal mission synergizes her passions of purpose to elevate and charge others to their greatest potential. She is thrilled to be living out her life’s purpose and helping others to do the same. An Author in her own right and Publisher, she is the Executive Editor of this great work and CEO of ATK Publishing; where she provides practical and applicable training and equipping to aspiring and new authors and writers that help them tell their story and speak their truth. 

I Tasted My Tears Today addresses times in our lives where we had to confront ourselves and tell the truth about why we are where we are and what role we played in getting there. It tells the story of what God allowed that brought tears and questions. We vehemently fought against it because we didn’t understand, trust God or the process but it happened anyway.  HE sent it or allowed it and we opposed it.  Ultimately, we did the opposite of what HE directed us to do. All the while singing, “I Will Do It My Way.”  It also speaks to the time our choice brought us to this place and now the consequences of such we are living with.  In each of these, we live in it and through it tasting our tears; tears of disappointment, frustration, doubt, hopelessness, fear, and anger with yourself, others, and maybe even God. Like these brave Authors, allow yourself to taste your tears and watch the healing process begin.  

The Author’s stories in “Tasted” will captivate you. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be challenged and you will celebrate (with) the writer. You will gain a greater understanding of the importance and power of tasting your falling tears. Your eyes will be open to see clearer now that your tears are gone to recognize they are apart of your healing. You have the power to transition your tears of sadness to tears of joy.  Tears once salty can become sweet.  You are invited you to taste and see… 

I Tasted My Tears Today