Every earthly father provides the seed that determines our unique makeup and mommy provides the incubator to house and protect until it was time for us to come into the world. And here you are... their child! Yet, have you ever looked at your parent or parents and not saw yourself? Or maybe at one stage of your life, you looked like your mom and another like your dad? And more amazing is when you looked at him or her and thought; “I don’t see either of them when I look in the mirror.” Who do I resemble? People will say, “Oh, you look just like your dad (at that age) or you look like your mom.” “Ok, thank you, but I don’t see it. What are they seeing? The image I see looking back at me is not the same as my father or mother.” Well beloved, I have your answer. Though your mom and dad came together to conceive you, it was God who created and formed you in His image (Genesis 1:27). And that image is love power, and beauty! 


Psalm 139 verses 13 and 14 reminds us that God created you fearfully and wonderfully! What does that mean? Fearfully means marvelously, awesomely made. And as with all human being, you were created in His image. And with all things HE formed, fashioned, and brought forth, HE said you are very good (Genesis 1:31) and declared you are marvelous and wonderful. God mkes no mistakes. You being born, having life and purpose was not a “mishap” of God’s.  Like Christ, you were created to be an Image Bearer of God.  You were formed to bear (wear, taken on) God's image.  As His creation, HE has declared that you are awesome and wonderful.  Believe it and Him; accept His Word and thoughts concerning you; walk in it, and rest in God’s beautiful image, purpose, and plan of you and your life. You are God’s beautiful workmanship; His prize creation that He calls His beloved, His daughter; the apple of His eye.  

Image Bearers