FINISH! Leveraging career, sport, faith, and failure serves as a motivational book to encourage you to accomplish your goals. After starting and stopping, failing and procrastinating, ZeNai finally buckled down to FINISH her 12-year CPA journey. She leaned into the tools and strategies she already possessed through her experience as an athlete, a businesswoman, community leader, and a woman of faith to accomplish this prestigious and daunting goal. Failure and loss also taught her lessons in discipline and perseverance that helped to ultimately pass the exam in seven months! ZeNai believes the best way to help others is to be transparent because ”There is always someone who can learn from what you have already endured and overcome!” E. ZeNai Brooks, CPA


FINISH! is short, sweet and straight to the point. The learned and applied experience in this book can be applied across all disciplines and career goals. No matter how big or small, it will equip you with transferable strategies to apply and complete your goals. I invite you to use this book to launch and get you in the game and keep you there and manifest your win!