Who can cause the wind to run out of breath?  Who can cause the rain to run out of water? Who can cause an earthquake to lose its tremble?  Well that would be the same One who tells your storm “enough is enough”.  In Luke 4:35-38 Jesus instructs His disciples to get into the boat and go to the other side of the sea. While underway, the disciples encountered a violent storm, but Jesus was fast asleep on a pillow. He was sleeping peacefully through the storm.  They took it personal as if He was sleeping through their storm. Which alarmed the disciples more; the storm or that Jesus was asleep during the storm? Perhaps Jesus slept through the storm because that’s what He wanted His disciples to learn to do; to have such a peace that could allow them to sleep and be at rest in the midst of life’s storms.  Like the disciples, Jesus wants to show us that no matter how bad the storms of life get as long as we know He is with us; we will not sink. He’s got this and He’s got us.  We will survive. We will make it to the other side. Is that not what Jesus said in the beginning?  He wants us to have peace, to not fear, but rest, and trust.  No matter how intense your storm and deep the waters, Jesus says, “I am with you always … I will never leave or forsake you …” This 31-day devotional is a life buoy to help you confidently rest in the peace and hope of Jesus Christ. 


Gray III is a father of three beautiful daughters: Shayonna, Jasmine, and Janiyah. Describing each of them he says, Shayonna as his first-born introduced him to fatherhood, Jasmine showed him how a person can view God and Janiyah is his miracle baby. After twenty-two years as a United States Marine, Mr. Gray retired in September 2018 from his service in the Corps as Gunnery Sergeant E-7. holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and a Master of Business Administration. He is currently a Logistics Operations Supervisor at GEODIS.

Deep Waters | Life's 31 Day Devotional