What began as a Master's thesis in 2011, turned into a tremendous program and time of transparency and healing for those who had no father, lacked a father figure or their father was present but not engaged.  Currently, over 200 men served.  

"Guy's this is a MUST! I attended a previous event, there were many of us who needed a time such as this! A long overdue of healing to took place, and It was very POWERFUL !!!! Bring your friends, brothers, uncles, son's, and even your father's if you can! Your lives will never be the same!" Barry T.


"Life changing.  It was empowering to see men of all walks of life in the same place who have faced the same internal struggles.  Looking at this one or that one you just would not have thought but them and them too. The man without a father and those with a father.  I am going to bring a few brothas with me.  More men than we know have father issues." Columbus T.


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