Until further notice, due to the current pandemic, all upcoming events have been suspended or modified to accommodate a virtual environment. Please continue to pray for our world and those in leadership, and be safe.

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Father Loss Forum (FLF)
Writers Workshop Flyer
3G(enerations) BOSS Mentorship Program
Girl Talk Flyer
3G Unite to Ignite Revival Flyer
Waiting Featured @ Expo
Father Forum Men Conference
12 Steps to Spiritual Transformation
Prophetic Training
Vision Seminar
TWT 4th Watch 5am Prayer
Inspirational Insights on Channel 40
EPIC Conference | Coaches and Consultants Converge
Revival Symposium Facilitators
Speakers Training
Writers Workshop102619
Millionaires Conference

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Father Loss Forum (FLF)

Men meet quarterly to address the impact of father who were or were not present, involved or engaged, the impact this has on boys to men as fathers and husbands, the family, community. Video of our beloved Pastor Michael Jones speaking to men and teen boys at Forum.

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