After years in Corporate America, she concluded that season of her life and separated from all she had been trained and educated in, was supported by, and knew and began to pursue the purpose of her life; helping individuals discover their created designer purpose as a Minister, Author, Strategist, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Publisher.  While serving in ministry, she reignited her passion as a certified coach and trainer and established Vision Focus Group (VFG); a Training and Life Strategy Firm. As a Strategist, she combines her ministry, corporate, and professional training and expertise to help companies, teams, organizations, professionals, and executives to achieve personal and business success and re-design their life and purpose.  Her elite service has allowed her to coin the term PRISM Strategist where she specializes in helping executives, high profile, and public figures maneuver through life, transition, and decisions. View her business profile sheet.

A powerful, dynamic, highly sought after strategist and “real talk” orator.  She is uniquely anointed to motivate, challenge, charge, inspire, and direct you to your purpose and action. She assists individuals, businesses, professionals, ministries, and organizations in defining their vision and solidifying their purpose to set a course of action towards success.  She has been blessed with multi-gifts to strategies, uplift, train, equip, and coach her clients to advance their life, business, and vision.  Dr. Tuesday has achieved great rewards as she skillfully communicates her message in her work with youth, women, singles, ministries, leaders, organizations, professionals, and the body of Christ.


As a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Behavior Analyst, Dr. Tuesday not only facilitates professional, leadership, and vision seminars for the above, she also provides workshops and retreats on relationships development. Using the DISC behavior assessment, she helps individuals understand their personality and behavior traits. As a Relationship Coach, she uses her training, certification, Biblical counseling principles, and doctrinal instruction to assist attendees in maneuvering through the complexities of relationship challenges View interviews and discussions on her YouTube channel.