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The Woman

Born Tuesday Tate in Chicago, Illinois and reared in Benton Harbor, Michigan. She is the youngest of six siblings.  Her father named her Tuesday because he simply felt there should be one....Not knowing that her very birth and birthdate (May 5) defined her life victories.  How? Because several years ago, she discovered that not only does Tuesday means "Grace", so does the Biblical meaning of the number 5 and double 5's equal mercy and wholeness.  What a revelatory and humbling moment it was to discover that her name reflected the goodness and mercy of God for and over her life.  In a real sense, from the moment of her conception, HIs grace and mercy has always been with her and for her. Her personal mission synergizes her passions (ministry, public speaking, writing, relationship coaching, and training) of purpose.  Though you can't tell it now, she was a bit of a tomboy as a youngster; boxing, racing and playing football with her brothers.  Still able to have a 'throwback" day, today, however, she will be most often found in her quintessential "girly girl" look.  So much so, she was named by one of her close friend-girls as "the she-she bomb."

Tuesday is all about family, her mom, nieces, nephews and great-nieces are all called her "babies".  She desires to always be a positive influence in their lives.  From the time the first niece was born, she sought to be the best auntie every.  And if you ask them on a good day (smile), they will say she fulfills her role very well.  Her greatest joy is being in the midst of her family, dear friends, and her future love. Although her Father is deceased, her Mother is the caring, kind-hearted, loving, nurturing, affirming constant in her life; her first and true "bestie.".  She is often heard saying, "I have the best Mommy in the world."  Checkout 50 Questions Asked and Answered by Dr. Tuesday.

Author | Publisher

Dr. Tuesday is a published author. She was a contributing author in the collaborative book titled, “How to Survive when Your Ship is Sinking, Weathering Life's Storms”.  Through her involvement in this project as well as others, she discovered her 2nd passion of purpose as an author. Now with her first of many independent books released, Waiting: Mastering the UnAvoidable with Foreword by Joseph W. Walker III, she established her own publishing and speakers company; ATK Speakers and Publishing (ATKSP) Firm. This was a life long dream of Dr. Tuesday.  The Publishing arm of ATK is on track to write and publish several collaborative and independent books for Dr. Tuesday and others. "I Tasted My Tears Today" and "The Mournings After | From Grief to Glory" with Foreword by Marvin L. Sapp are the first two collaborative works released by ATKP with "Intentional Increase | Maximize Your Talents" due to be release Spring 2019.  Her most current independent work "Grace Broken | My Journey to Contentment" is her personal real story of accepting God's will and way for her life as a single woman with no children called to ministry; needless to say, this was not her dream or desire. This story grew out her sharing in the book "The Mournings After..." Her 2019 Summer release "My Daddy's Demon" is her memoir of her relationship with her father.  It is sure to be a best seller.  


ATKP not only publishes collaborative and individual works, they provide a 1-day all inclusive training to equip their clients to write their best work, tell their story, and share their voice. Be sure to check out her YouTube Channel and her Facebook page to see what people are saying about these authentic, unique, helpful, and transparent project and to stay updated on her next book promotion.  


Using her leadership and business skills, Dr. Tuesday started her Mary Kay business and in less than 5-months, she promoted herself to Director and earned her 1st car. After transitioning from Director, she reignited her other passion of purpose and training as a business consultant and strategist, certified trainer and coach and established Vision Focus Group, LLC. 


As President and CEO of Vision Focus Group, Dr.Tuesday provides consulting, training, speaking, and relationship, spiritual, and executive coaching to her clients. Using her corporate and professional training, certifications, and expertise she helps organizations, professionals, churches, educators, and leaders to define, develop, and document their vision, purpose, and mission, sure-up their infrastructure, and set a course of action towards success.   As a Certified Coach, Trainer (in several areas), and Behavior Consultant using DISC Personality Profiling, she has coined the term PRISM (Professional - Relational - Image - Identity - Spiritual - Mission) Coaching.  Whether her client is a business or leadership team, teachers or administrators, a couple, a person in the spotlight or an executive, her holistic approach to coaching has proven to be applicable and highly effective. View her qualifications and business profile sheet.


As she continued to visit her passions that led her greater purpose, she formed her life long dream; ATK Speakers and Publishing Firm where she is the CEO and Executive Editor. ATKSP is a Christian Independent Publishing and Speakers Firm. They specialize in providing premier elite  publishing services and support to self-sublished Authors and aspiring, new and or professional Speakers, Presenters, and alike. 

As a Certified Life Coach, Dr. Tuesday Coaches singles, engaged, and married couples in maneuvering through the complexities of relationship blockers. As a Relationship Coach, Dr. Tuesday uses her Behavioral Training and Certification, Biblical Counseling instruction, and Doctrinal Principles in her Dr. Tuesday Tidbit Blog, YouTube teachings, spiritual and traditional couples coaching sessions, retreats, and conferences to assist individuals and couples in achieving personal and relationship success.​

Media Host

Dr. Tuesday describes herself as having, "a voice for radio and a face for TV". This is proven in the fact that she has been a host on the local weekly TBN broadcast and has had her own successful radio program on the local radio station and on internet radio where weekly she reached a national audience of thousands. Declaring a vision and dream for over 20 years and believing now was the time, she expanded her reach and stepped out on faith to produce her television special, "Tuesdays with Tuesday | A Dr. Tuesday Special". The show seeks to address and speak to real issue real talk for women, girls, relationships, family, and community. Currently airing on LeSea Broadcast WHMB TV 40.  Check your local schedule for date and time. Currently, the visionary Warren R. is in talks with networks as they view the Pilot taping for a new Television Talkshow; "What America Really Thinks", where Dr. Tuesday will be a cast member and consistent voice of hope as the Spiritual and Life Advisor. 


She is regularly a sought-after radio and television guest to address women, relationship, leadership, and community topics.  Some of her videotaped radio broadcasts can be found in on her YouTube Channel, Dr. Tuesday Tate. With a weekly recurring "Inspirational Insights with Dr. Tuesday" on TV 40 Channel WHMB, she continues to reach Believers and those needing and seeking hope.  

Dr. Tuesday is a known, active, and visible fixture within her city and has been for several decades. She is often found boldly and articulately addressing and speaking on religious, youth, relational, and social issues.  She is very active and a visible presence in communicating to the masses via social media via YouTubeFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, LinkedInand her Dr. Tuesday Tidbit Blog.  She is one to watch, hear, subscribe to, and follow.

In the fall of 1999, Dr. Tuesday surrendered to the service of God and left her corporate position and the fast track and accepted the call to ministry and has not looked back.  An ordained minister, elder, and prophetic teacher, she serves and ministers in her local church in various other areas including, teaching and preaching.  Her personal mission statement synergizes her passions and solidifies her purpose:  “to share God’s love through prophetic teaching and preaching by presenting a revelatory Word of God that is functional, reproducible, applicable, and portable that encourages a more excellent way in relationships, business, ministry, and life.” She travels across the country ministering in churches and conferences for women, men, leaders, youth, singles, and couples.


With a powerful testimony of deliverance, the call on her life has produced her 1st love and passion of purpose; the Ministry of the Gospel to persons of all walks of life. The call led her to establish T. Tate Ministries (TTM) International.  Under TTM, she has established a quarterly Men's Forum title The Father Loss Forum. In this setting, men only come together in one setting and women in another to address their personal father issues.  The Forum culminates into a bi-annual Father Forum Men's Conference. The goal of the gathering is to promote and encourage engaged healthy fatherhood, forgiveness and freedom from father hurt, bridge understanding, and start or complete the healing process.  The women's arm of TTM is her 3G (Generations) Women's Ministry where she serves young adult women and teen girls as a mentor and through her bi-annual Women's Revival and Symposium. The Symposium brings together middle and high school girls with college, young and adult age women to address the same topic in their individual group sessions.  The Revival seeks to draw women closer to God and ignite them for purpose and destiny.  The Forum, Men and Women's Conferences and BOSS Mentoring Program are just a few of the TTM initiatives. 


Dr. Tuesday is a powerful, bold “real talk” orator. A dynamic and highly sought-after international motivational and inspirational speaker. She is uniquely positioned through a life of self-exploration, dedicated learning, community involvement, and social awareness to address the hard topics and move her audience to action in business, vision, education of youth, youth themselves and many others.  A woman of humility and great faith; she inspires her audience with her transparency and truth to face life, love, and loss head-on and overcome challenges victoriously. Her words bring discovery, clarity, understanding, and transformation to encouraged a more excellent way.  Audiences are motivated, challenged, charged, and directed toward purpose for next level thinking to achieve next level living.  With articulated mastery of strategically placed humor, you will be drawn to her message of success and achievement in corporate, academia, business, and ministry.  A consummate professional, knowledgeable, and premiere speaker on numerous topics, community leader, and mentor; you will be inspired and motivated once you have encountered, engaged, and experienced her.  Whether the platform is the keynote at the high school or college commencement, an awards dinner, conference dais, youth assembly, national convention or company, team or leadership symposium, Dr. Tuesday is a home-run hit as your next speaker.​  For more on Dr. Tuesday, view her profile sheet.  


Dr. Tuesday formed ATK Speakers and Publishing Firm (ATKSPF) to train and equip individuals who desire to be professional speakers, become more comfortable in-front of a group or audience and as a presenter. During a 3-day in-depth all inclusive seminar, participants receive training on a broad range of speaking and presentation concepts, approaches, and tips; including impromptu and prepared speeches, formal and professional critique, the art of articulation, the language of body language, and much more. As well, participants are invited to be a member of ATK Speakers Firm. 

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