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What are you Waiting for…Who are you Waiting on! 

Since waiting is inevitable; why not gain proven and valuable tools on learning how

to wait right


The truth is, we ALL have to wait on something or someone.  Until you leave this

Earth, you will find yourself in a "waiting place"…in the place of between.  Whether

you are waiting on a call, a promotion, a doctor’s report, a proposal, in a line, in

traffic, at a light, to hear an "I'm sorry", to be heard, your turn, your chance; whatever

the situation or circumstance, we all will find ourselves waiting.


Dr. Tuesday Tate has penned a masterful writing on a topic that affects every person

of every age, class, race, gender, religion and walk of life. “Waiting: Mastering the

UnAvoidable” is an in-depth look, read, and tool to help you understand the purpose

and benefits of waiting and how to wait "right".    



On September 7th at 5pm in Indianapolis, IN at Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy – Private Dining Room | Trader's Point | 5910 West 86th Street, Dr. Tuesday will be celebrating her first book launch.


Found within these pages are personal testimonies of waiting "wrong" and waiting "right".  Each chapter includes Dr. Tuesday’s personal reflection of what she has learned from waiting and leaves room for the reader to reflect and capture their thoughts as well.  It also includes a personal survey allowing you to assess your attitude towards waiting, a blank

fe resource for any and every person.  You will not be disappointed.  Every page captures a unique thought for you to consider, ponder, and apply to your waiting season. 


Here is what readers are saying about the book:


"This is a hot button subject!"


"How refreshing it is when a voice emerges and gives fresh insight to a universal dilemma."


"This book literally shows us how to embrace the waiting process and pay attention to valuable lessons while we wait. It pushes the reader to self-reflection ultimately evolving into self-discovery."


"What are you waiting for? Get the book and discover how we labor to rest."


"Every page has something on it that has helped and blessed me."


Dr. Tuesday, The Vision Coach and Life Advisor comes with extensive corporate experience and training.  She is a powerful, “real talk” orator and media personality.  Equip to address various topics, she is a dynamic and highly sought after minister and national speaker. Her words bring understanding, revelation, and will encourage you to act.  As a certified trainer and life coach with a diverse skill-set, she is uniquely positioned to motivate, challenge, charge, and direct you to your purpose and help you bring your vision into focus.  Whatever the purpose of your need, encounter, or gathering; whether professional, relational, religious or otherwise, Dr. Tuesday will be a sure hit.


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