Dr. Tuesday is a powerful, bold “real talk” orator. A dynamic international motivational and inspirational speaker. She is uniquely positioned through a life of self-exploration, dedicated learning, community involvement, and social awareness to address the hard topics and move her audience to action in business, vision, education of youth, youth themselves, and many others.  A woman of humility and great faith; she inspires her audience with her transparency and truth to face life, love, and loss head-on and overcome challenges victoriously. Her words bring discovery, clarity, understanding, and transformation to encouraged a more excellent way. Audiences are motivated, challenged, charged, and directed toward purpose for next-level thinking to achieve next-level living.  With articulated mastery of strategically placed humor, you will be drawn to her message of success and achievement in corporate, academia, business, and ministry. Professional, knowledgeable, and premiere speaker on numerous topics, she is a community leader, and mentor to many. You will be inspired and motivated once you have encountered, engaged, and experienced her. From keynote at commencement to leadership symposium, Dr. Tuesday is a home-run as your next speaker.​  For more on Dr. Tuesday, view her profile sheet.  


Dr. Tuesday has gathered her vast experience and formed ATK Speakers and Publishing Firm (ATKSPF) to train and equip individuals who desire to be professional speakers, become more comfortable in front of a group or audience, and as a presenter. During a 3-day in-depth all-inclusive seminar, participants receive training on a broad range of speaking and presentation concepts, approaches, and tips, including impromptu and prepared speeches, formal and professional critique, the art of articulation, the language of body language, and much more. Upon completion of the seminar, participants are invited to become a member of ATK Speakers Firm.