Dr. Tuesday is a published author. She was a contributing author in the collaborative book titled, “How to Survive When Your Ship is Sinking, Weathering Life's Storms”.  Through her involvement in this project as well as others, she discovered her 2nd passion of purpose as an author. Now with her first of many independent books released, “Waiting | Mastering the UnAvoidable” with Foreword by Joseph W. Walker III. As an independent author, she established her own publishing services.  She not only executes her work but she helps others tell their story. Through these services, Dr. Tuesday trains and equips new and aspiring speakers and authors. 


She is on track to write and publish several independent books for her and others. Her most recent independent work "Grace Broken | My Journey to Contentment" is her personal real story of accepting God's will and way for her life as she stepped away from Corporate advancement, a 6-figure salary, accepting her called to ministry, life as a single woman with no children; needless to say none of this was her dream or desire. Her next 2021 release, "My Daddy's Demons" is an in-depth of her relationship with her father.   This book is sure to help others heal who have daddy hurt.