Dr. Tuesday Tate

The truth is, we ALL have to wait...on something or someone.  Until you leave this earth, you will find yourself in the Waiting Place, in the place of between.  Whether you are waiting on a call, a promotion, a doctor’s report, a proposal, in a line, in traffic, or to hear an "'I'm sorry", we all must wait. Let me help you master and maneuver through this unavoidable necessity of waiting while hurting, frustrated, lonely, ill, broke, spiritually depleted, etc. 



Whether your experiences of waiting are periodic or frequent, force or voluntary, worth waiting on or not; waiting is a fact of life.   Mastering the UnAvoidable will help you understand the rules and purpose of waiting and how to maneuver through the challenges that come with it. 



This book will help you:

1) Understand the purpose of waiting

2) See the benefits of waiting

3) Recognize what "waiting right" looks like

4) Appreciate the necessity of it

5) Resolve the issues that arise when you have already waited; only to have to wait some more

6) Regain hope and strength 

7) Identify those who can agree with you for your success and breakthrough

8) Use the power of declaration to produce manifestation

And much much more.


Since you have to wait anyway, why not master it! 


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"I've learned their is a process to waiting" 

"I've learned waiting has a purpose"