As Dr. Tuesday, Execute Editor of ATK Publishing found herself consoling, coaching, caring about and going to check on the soul state of a number of sister-friends who were grieving the transition of a loved one, this book The Mournings After (TMA) | From Grief to Glory and its’ purpose was given to her. As she says, "it was like a download from Heaven." 


Often found pulling back the word "loss" from her discourse when speaking of the death of a believer, Dr. Tuesday is charged to remind the reader of this Book that according to 1 Thessalonians 4, those who die in Christ; meaning they have confessed a faith and hope in the life, death (sacrifice), burial and resurrection of Jesus will rise again and live in Heaven for eternity.  They are not lost. They are compared to being asleep.  We that are also in Christ will see and be with them again when we transition.  We will certainly experience grief but our mourning does not have to remain because we (if you do not you can) have a hope for a glorious reunion. 

Death, loss, and transition of life are common denominators for all humanity. We all have or will experience grief (emotional suffering or despair)and will mourn (outward display of grief).  Though we cannot ever really "prepare" for a loved ones’ death; we may be found trying, particularly when a diagnosis comes that numbers their days.  Yet, even then it is not something we can or desire to formulate or consider…’what life will feel - look or be like without them; the mornings after’.  This Book Collaboration brings together ten brave Authors who share their powerful life changing stories of the death of a loved one, a dream, and self.  


As people are forced to encounter the experience of loss and transition, they will grieve and mourn differently.  Though she intellectually understood and acknowledged this (sympathized); it was through her friends she saw it up close and felt it with them (empathized). TMA will uncover those differences (healthy and unhealthy) in these featured writings.  You will be riveted by their imagery, transparency, and vulnerability.  Narratives of sudden loss do to murder or an unknown illness or in the middle of hello but no response, hopeful of remission but it turns, when mourning beginning at diagnosis, forgiveness required after death, and so much more.


Blessed to still have her mother and all her immediate family with her, she deeply feels for those who have suffered the life transition of a loved one.  Humbled and grateful for the grace of God that for over 30 years; not since the transition of her 49-year-old father in 1985 (when she was a 17 year old high school senior) has she or her family experience day called “without”.   Truly the grace and mercy of God! 


This work was written to serve as an instrument of healing and support to all those who will read it and sow it into the life of those who have or will experience a season of grief and a time of mourning.  Our desire is that you too go from grief to glory where peace, hope, and joy abide. 


The Mournings After 


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Dr. Tuesday Tate

Executive Editor