Dr. Tuesday Tate

I Tasted My Tears Today was conceived at a time in Dr. Tuesday’s life where she had to taste her own tears because of her own decisions and a season in her life that God allowed her to face many challenges, trials, and losses. It was in tasting her tears she discovered a concealed disappointment with God. Had she not tasted the salt of these tears that held unhealed and unresolved hurt, pain, disappointment, fear, all the many questions of why…Had she not faced this truth; disappointment sat in silence transition disappointment to anger…with God.


I Tasted My Tears Today addresses times in our lives where we had to look at ourselves, face, confront, and tell the truth about why we are where we are and what really happened.  It was either what God allowed brought the questions of what HE allowed we vehemently fought against because we didn’t understand, trust Him or the process but it happened anyway or HE allowed it and we opposed it and did the opposite of what HE was directing us to do singing “I Will Do It My Way” or finally, it was a choice we made that brought us to this place and now it’s consequence we are living with.  And in it and through it, we had to taste our tears; tears of disappointment, frustration, hopeless, fear and anger with yourself, other people, and maybe even God.  Allowing yourself to taste your tears is a part of the necessary reality check and the healing process.


Now birthed. Dr. Tuesday invites you to take in this riveting compilation by thirteen independent authors who joins her in telling their story and speaking their truth from pain to truth to victory.  It is at the conclusion of each author’s story that you get a glimpse into Dr. Tuesday’s narrative related to the same topic. 


Tears once salty now sweet; sadness now joy; I Tasted My Tears Today will captivate you. You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will be challenged and celebrate with the writer.  You will gain a greater understanding of the importance and power of tasting and considering your tears.  Now, taste and see…


I Tasted My Tears Today


Executive Editor