Have you ever prayed, believed, wanted, and waited on anything from God and not received it…yet? If this has been or is your testimony, we invite you to journey with Dr. Tuesday in this page-turner as she brings greater revelation and explanation to living in the peace, contentment, and resolve of God. When we surrender to God’s will it produces humility and allows grace – His grace to be sufficient. Even His breaking can be received without burden because we know HE will mend us, bless us, and give us to be meat for the Master’s use in service for His good pleasure and purpose. 


What began as a contributed work in the ATK Publishing Collaborative Book “The Mournings After | From Grief to Glory”, Grace Broken took on its’ own voice and demanded an audience. Titus 2 verse 11 says, “…the Grace of God (Jesus) has appeared (and the Word became flesh) that offers salvation to all people; Jesus is the grace of God.” Jesus (The Word) is the grace of God that became flesh (human) and came to us. HE is grace personified that was broken, bruised, and blessed (Is 53:4-12) for us to be given to us as a gift; a gift we did not deserve. HE is our saving grace and God is our faithful mercy. 


When her father named her he had no idea Tuesday in Swahili meant grace. Nor could did he know or could have planned for her birth that would also represent grace. Only God could show out and bring me into the world escorted by His Biblical number of grace with her birth month and day being May 5th. She would be the first to testify that all the days of her life; even from the womb, God’s loving grace (giving what I did not deserved time and time again)and mercy (withholding from me what I did deserve – punishment)has been with her; guiding her, following her, protecting her, covering her, keeping her, providing for her, and sustaining her. 


Grace Broken is Dr. Tuesday’s memoir of her personal journey to accepting God’s plan and will for her life. Honored to be called and anointed by God; she is a true witness of the blessing of being broken by Grace. Recognizing God’s hand over and on her life gives more credence to understanding and accepting the pilgrimage HE called her too. She is the first to say she is continuing to learn what it means to be and to walk in the awe of God’s amazing grace, love, and contentment.

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